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Update Log


version:, 19 February 2024 21:30:07 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Updated debut prayer: L80 Kasen Ibaraki[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: C3 Kogasa Tatara[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: A7 Marisa Kirisame[LINK]

  • (JP spoiler)

Other Updates:

  • Ruins of Memory is now listing which character in story card obtaining data

  • Term "Change Log" changed into "Update Log"

Autocomplete Update

version:, 18 February 2024 09:21:00 UTC

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Autocomplete input weird sorting fixed

Other Updates:

  • Autocomplete input is now pre-filled when using search/filter link

JP Update & Fixes

version:, 17 February 2024 19:06:57 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Fantasy Rebirth image update: L1 Toyosatomimi no Miko & L1 Hata no Kokoro

  • Story card update (Gamepress/Lossy's Journal url) (6):

    • 4★ Housekeeper Training?!
    • 5★ Fear the Tropical Nine!
    • 5★ It's Just Like I Heard! (Lossy's Journal only)
    • 5★ One Afternoon in the Palace
    • 5★ PHANTOM PAIN (Lossy's Journal only)
    • 5★ Summer Monster

  • (JP spoiler)

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Effect target in story card search fixed (it was switched the other way around)

  • Weird behavior on "JP spoiler"-enabled scarlet devil tower page fixed

Other Updates:

  • Character autocomplete improved

  • Character tag resistance now have icon

  • Minor change on how "immune to all barrier status" is presented

Dev Letter #31 & Prayer Simulator Update

version:, 13 February 2024 18:02:06 UTC

Feature Updates:

  • New prayer rates for C3 Sekibanki prayer onwards (see dev letter)[LINK]

  • Added "Story Card" in prayer type in prayer search and filter

Content Updates:

  • New Character and debut prayer: C3 Sekibanki[LINK]

  • New debut prayer: L80 Kasen[LINK]

  • 6 New Story Card (Total: 335):

    • 4★ Housekeeper Training?!
    • 5★ Fear the Tropical Nine!
    • 5★ It's Just Like I Heard!
    • 5★ One Afternoon in the Palace
    • 5★ Summer Monster

  • Story card update (gamepress url) (1): 4★ "Choujuu Gigaku"

  • (JP spoiler)

W5 Yuugi update 2

version: 8.16B.3.0Friday, 9 February 2024 08:08:13 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Character update: W5 Yuugi Hoshiguma

  • Character update (Lossy's Journal url): W5 Yuugi Hoshiguma and W5 Kasen Ibaraki

  • Story card update (Lossy's Journal url) (1): 4★ "Choujuu Gigaku"

  • Prayer "Fantasy Rebirth Special Ultra Festival" now have it's prayer simulator

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Some Lossy's Journal's story card links fixed

  • Fantasy Rebirth Special Ultra Festival prayer corrections: removed step up

W5 Yuugi & fixes update

version: 8.16B.2.0Thursday, 8 February 2024 02:33:05 UTC

Content Updates:

  • 6 New characters:

    • (B5?) Benben Tsukumo
    • (B5?) Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
    • W5 Yuugi Hoshiguma
    • (W5?) Sanae Kochiya
    • (W5?) Kanako Yasaka
    • (W5?) Suwako Moriya

  • Fantasy Rebirth update: L1 Soga no Tojiko and L1 Mononobe no Futo

  • Character update: PC98 Yuuka and PC98 Alice

  • New debut prayer: W5 Yuugi Hoshiguma[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: Fantasy Rebirth Special Ultra Festival[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: A7 Reimu Hakurei[LINK]

  • New Story Card (Total: 329): 4★ "Choujuu Gigaku"

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Bug fix: Traditional name settings not saved

  • Content correction: W5 Kasen prayer step up: special -> descending

  • Fortune dust were corrected from 20 to 10 for W5 Kasen and double A8 reruns

A8 Mokou & Tewi rerun update

version: 8.16B.1.0Monday, 5 February 2024 04:36:14 UTC

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • New rerun prayer: A8 Mokou and A8 Tewi[LINK]

Story Card Correction

version: 8.16B.0.1Sunday, 4 February 2024 04:27:22 UTC

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [SC Tracker] 4★ "Stop Right There!" effect Missile power up -> Missile resist. up. (credit: king_yamato)[LINK]

Site Improvement part 2

version: 8.16B.0.0Saturday, 3 February 2024 20:29:30 UTC

Feature Updates:

  • JP Spoiler filtering hints and site settings slight UI improvement

  • New Story Card filtering by featured characters[LINK]

  • New Prayer search and filter[LINK]

  • New setting: Numbers of story cards/prayers for each iteration/refresh

  • "Menu" navbar for mobile, site settings now can be accessed in mobile

  • Mobile navigator menu UI improvement

  • Maintenance time

Content Updates:

  • Character update: W5 Kasen

  • 1 New Story Card (Total: 328):

    • 4★ Yaksha and Rakshasa
    • 5★ Pseudo-Shikigami

  • Scarlet Devil Tower update: revealed 10 new floors to global (F351 - F360)

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill correction: F352 Ran's ACC UP 5 -> 1 turn[LINK]

  • [SDT Tracker] ELemental correction: F353 Keine's weakness Water & Earth -> Fire & Earth[LINK]

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill correction: F356 Medicine's light bullet resist to all enemies -> party[LINK]

Other Updates:

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill/Gauge effect name updates for F351 to F360

  • LM1 Maribel is now listed in Mima's variant

  • LR1 Renko is now listed in Shinki's variant

Site Improvement and W5 Kasen Update

version: 8.16A.0.0Tuesday, 30 January 2024 18:41:08 UTC

Feature Updates:

  • JP Spoiler filtering, can be configured in settings

    • Scarlet devil tower future floors is now hidden behind JP Spoiler tag

  • Website customizations

  • Improved character list Mobile UI

  • Improved prayer list page

Content Updates:

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [Prayer Tracker] Prayer name correction "Scarlet Maid & Flower Reporter Festival" to "Flower Reporter & Scarlet Maid Festival"[LINK]

  • [Prayer Tracker] "Star Festival Guaranteed Shinmyoumaru/Misumaru" image correction[LINK][LINK]

  • [Prayer Tracker] Prayer name correction "E1 Meiling rerun (temp name)" to "Immovable Demon's Gate Ultra Festival (Rerun)"[LINK]

Other Updates:

  • Genic rarity icon and color's changed

  • Character universe format's changed character [universe] -> universe character

  • "Story Card" nav icon animation's changed

  • "Scarlet Tower" character tag animation's changed

  • "Change Log" format's changed

Boundary of Time update

version:, 23 January 2024 22:46:05 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Updated debut prayer: L80 Yuyuko Saigyouji <Relic>[LINK]

  • 1 New Story Card (Total: 325): 4★ "Girl Without a Plan"

  • Story Card Update:

    • 4★ The Magic Bakery!
    • 4★ Youkai Mountain Concert
    • 5★ Karma Speed
    • 5★ Spring Paradox

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill correction: F322 Cirno's Fire resist 5 -> 1 turn[LINK]

  • [SDT Tracker] Gauge effect correction: F338 Aya's Crit ACC -> Crit ATK[LINK]

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill correction: F341 Rumia's Yang ATK UP -> Yang ATK DOWN[LINK]

Other Updates:

  • [SDT Tracker] Skill/Gauge effect name updates for F321 to F350

Dev Letter #30 Update

version:, 17 January 2024 14:18:59 UTC

Content Updates:

  • New debut prayer: L80 Yuyuko Saigyouji <Relic>[LINK]

  • Prayer Update: L80 Reimu Hakurei <Relic>[LINK]

  • New rerun prayers: Fantasy Rebirth Guaranteed Ultra Festival[LINK]

  • Character updates:

    • L80 Reimu Hakurei
    • L80 Yuyuko Saigyouji
    • Lr Hata no Kokoro

  • 5 New Story Card (Total: 324):

    • 4★ The Magic Bakery!
    • 4★ Youkai Mountain Concert
    • 5★ Boundary of Time
    • 5★ Karma Speed
    • 5★ Spring Paradox

  • Story Card Update: 4★ "Secret Outing!"

  • (JP spoiler)