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Update Log

Fishing in Poverty Update

version:, 10 April 2024 19:24:24 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Removed character: "Tokiko"

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: C3 Shion Yorigami <Epic>[LINK]

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: L80 Koishi Komeiji <Relic>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: A6 Scarlets <A. Fes>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: Yukari-verse (speculative)[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: Ultra Fes. Collection[LINK][LINK][LINK][LINK]

  • 4 New Story Card (Total: 345)

    • 4★ A Beautiful Breeze
    • 5★ Destructive Order
    • 5★ Fishing Without a Net
    • 5★ Scholars of Ikaruga

  • (JP spoiler)

  • Character update: A14 Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and W2 Suwako Moriya

  • Fantasy Rebirth update (image): L1 Yoshika Miyako and L1 Seiga Kaku

Pretty Small Update

version:, 2 April 2024 17:18:41 UTC

Content Updates:

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: W2 Suwako Moriya <U. Fes>[LINK]

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: A14 Shinmyoumaru Sukuna <A. Fes>[LINK]

  • Fantasy Rebirth update: L1 Yoshika Miyako and L1 Seiga Kaku

Scarlet Tower Correction

version:, 29 March 2024 23:49:47 UTC

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [SDT Tracker] Enemy correction: F265 L1 Cirno -> A6 Cirno (credit: smallenderman)[LINK]

Minor update

version:, 27 March 2024 17:39:54 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Character Update: L80 Hong Meiling (Lossy's Journal url)

  • S. Card Update: 5★ "Be the change" (Lossy's Journal url)

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Prayer "72 Hour Guaranteed Attack Friend Prayer" had incorrect simulator results and table chances[LINK]

JP Live Stream update

version:, 26 March 2024 11:46:49 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Character Update: L80 Hong Meiling

  • (JP spoiler)

  • (JP spoiler)

An update that will be the change in unit list

version:, 23 March 2024 12:43:39 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Release Prayer & Character Update: L80 Hong Meiling <Relic>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: 72 Hour Guaranteed Attack Friend Prayer[LINK]

  • New Character: C3 (speculative) Shion Yorigami

  • (JP spoiler)

  • Story Card Updates (gamepress url):

    • 5★ Luck of the Celestial
    • 5★ Reversal Incident

  • Scarlet Devil Tower update: 10 new floors will be revealed in global (Total: 380)[LINK]

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • 5★ "Be the change"'s 3rd effect were not class restricted (credit: _hibi_)

JP Content Updates

version:, 20 March 2024 18:51:51 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Character Update: C3 Tenshi Hinanawi

  • (JP spoiler)

  • Rerun Prayer Update: T5 Tenshi Hinanawi & T5 Byakuren Hijiri <U. Fes>[LINK]

  • Story Card Updates (gamepress/Lossy's Journal url):

    • 5★ Luck of the Celestial
    • 5★ Reversal Incident

  • (JP spoiler)

Other Updates:

  • Minor change to character count's donut chart

  • Minor change to Story card rarity presentation

  • Item tooltip for scarlet devil tower floor list

T5 Tenshi and Spoiler Guard improvement

version:, 12 March 2024 21:05:10 UTC

Feature Updates:

  • Unreleased story cards spoiler guard improvement (un-announced story card/stat/effect will be hidden behind "JP Content" toggle)

  • You can now sort/filter story cards with 3 buff/stat/date options (PC only)

  • "Unreleased Character" page data presentation improvement[LINK]

Content Updates:

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: C3 Tenshi Hinanawi <Epic>[LINK]

  • New Release Prayer & Character Update: L80 Hong Meiling <Relic>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: L80 Remilia Scarlet & L80 Flandre Scarlet <Relic>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: T5 Tenshi Hinanawi & T5 Byakuren Hijiri <U. Fes>[LINK]

  • Character Updates (image):

    • L1 Komachi Onozuka
    • L1 Eiki Shiki
    • L1 Kutaka Niwatari
    • A14 Seija Kijin

  • (JP spoiler)

  • 2 New Story Card (Total: 340): 5★ "Luck of the Celestial" and 5★ "Reversal Incident"[LINK]

  • 1 New Story Card (Total: 341): 5★ "Be the change"

  • Character Updates (gamepress/Lossy's Journal url): A14 Seija Kijin

  • Story Card Updates (gamepress/Lossy's Journal url):

    • 4★ An Eggcelent Find
    • 4★ Cat on Duty (gamepress)
    • 5★ Jewel Arts

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [S. Card Tracker] "Sharp Bullet" story card url search were not executed properly

Other Updates:

  • [Home Page] Mobile UI reverted

  • [Home Page] Reset countdown now shows the reset time

etadpU (gninihS/41A) nijiK ajieS

version:, 6 March 2024 03:58:33 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Revealed Character: A14 Seija Kijin

  • New Release Prayer: A14 Seija Kijin <A. Fes.>[LINK]

  • Character Update: W2 Kanako Yasaka

  • Character Update: L80 Hong Meiling

  • New Rerun Prayer: C3 Remilia Scarlet <Epic>[LINK]

  • New Rerun Prayer: C3 Flandre Scarlet <Epic>[LINK]

  • Updated character (image): A14 Seija Kijin

  • 2 New Story Card (Total: 338): 4★ "An Eggcelent Find" and 5★ "Jewel Arts"

  • Story Card Update (Lossy's Journal url) 4★ "Cat on Duty"

Other Updates:

  • [Home Page] New character count UI

Moriya Official Tiny God and New Feature Update

version:, 28 February 2024 08:49:16 UTC

Feature Updates:

  • New Page: "Universe Tracker"[LINK]

  • New Page: "Unreleased Characters"[LINK]

  • "Alternate Character" page now show JP released unit (JP spoiler toggle must be activated)

Content Updates:

  • New character: Yumeko, and dialogue only new characters:

    • Sara
    • Louise
    • Yuki
    • Mai (PC-98)

  • New character: L80 Nitori Kawashiro

  • New character: C3 Tenshi Hinanawi

  • New Fantasy Rebirth characters:

    • L1 Komachi Onozuka
    • L1 Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
    • L1 Kutaka Niwatari

  • New debut prayer: W2 Kanako Yasaka <UFes>[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: H5 Prayer <UFes>[LINK]

  • Updated characters:

    • L1 Minamitsu Murasa (image)
    • L80 Hong Meiling
    • L80 Kasen Ibaraki (image, gamepress)
    • (B5?) Benben Tsukumo (image)
    • (B5?) Yatsuhashi Tsukumo (image)
    • C3 Sekibanki (image, gamepress, lossy's journal)
    • W2 (speculative) Sanae Kochiya
    • W2 Kanako Yasaka
    • W2 (speculative) Suwako Moriya
    • Chapter 4 story "Draconic" Marisa Kirisame
    • L? story Sanae Kochiya
    • L? story Kanako Yasaka
    • L? story Suwako Moriya

  • Updated character (image): A14 Seija Kijin

  • Updated rerun prayer: A7 Marisa Kirisame <A. Fes>[LINK]

  • New Story Card (Total: 336): 4★ "Cat on Duty"

  • Story Card Update (gamepress link):

    • 5★ It's Just Like I Heard!

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • [Chara. Data] Yuuka Kazami's furigana

  • [Chara. Tracker] UTC time setting doesn't work on "ordered by release date" page

  • [SDT Tracker] F366 Youkai Crow (Fire) -> Youkai Crow (Sun)

  • [SDT Tracker] F366 Youkai Cat's HP (2,745,658 -> 2,578,591)

  • [SDT Tracker] F370 Koishi's skill paralyze -> poison

  • [Forever Prayer] Bug fix for presenting malfunctioned data

Other Updates:

  • [Chara. Tracker] Removed "Both appearing in story & as enemy" color

  • [Chara. Tracker] Presentation changed for characters with official nickname (example: shaman, enchanter, servant, etc)

  • [S. Card Tracker] 5 star indicator's color changed

  • [SDT Tracker] Skills & Gauge Effect names updated

  • [SDT Tracker] "Extra Start" indicator changed

  • [SDT Tracker] barrier status is now colorized

  • [SDT Tracker] "Gains effect for every barrier status" presentation changed

  • [Forever Prayer] Code rewritten

  • [Setting] Maximum item rendered for each iteration increased to 1,000 (formerly 100), practically enabling to display every story card/prayer all at once without scrolling (for now)


version:, 19 February 2024 21:30:07 UTC

Content Updates:

  • Updated debut prayer: L80 Kasen Ibaraki[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: C3 Kogasa Tatara[LINK]

  • New rerun prayer: A7 Marisa Kirisame[LINK]

  • New character: A14 Seija Kijin

Other Updates:

  • Ruins of Memory is now listing which character in story card obtaining data

  • Term "Change Log" changed into "Update Log"

Autocomplete Update

version:, 18 February 2024 09:21:00 UTC

Bug Fixes/Content Correction:

  • Autocomplete input weird sorting fixed

Other Updates:

  • Autocomplete input is now pre-filled when using search/filter link